Thanks to CGES, the printshop of the NGO "Nova šansa u Novom" continues to work

Photo: NGO "Nova šansa u Novom"

With the funds donated by the Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem (CGES), the NGO Nova Chance in Nova will pay off the printer and buy a spiral binding machine, so that the printing house, which employs people with disabilities and developmental difficulties, will continue to work.

Since 2009, five people have been permanently employed in the printing house, for which this local NGO is recognized, and as many as 150 have undergone training for work. In 2010, the organization received an OSCE award for an example of good practice in local administration.

As the president of this NGO, Vesna Odalović, said in the show "Novsko jutro" on RTHN, the problems in the printing house started at the beginning of the covid pandemic, because the machines were worn out and the volume of work was very small, but on the eve of the new year, good news arrived.

- We started to lose old users, so we had no way to return the funds. Of course, we asked for donations, we wrote in October and November to certain companies in Montenegro. A week before the New Year, PR of CGES, Nada Pavićević, called me. That was really nice news, which pleasantly surprised me. Today, it is rare for someone to call you and tell you that they are going to make a donation, without you having previously applied or written a project - she says.

CGES director Ivan Asanović and PR Nada Pavićević received the representatives of the NGO New Chance at the company's premises.

- They were very correct and enthusiastic, they wanted to hear everything about our work. I am especially glad that they expressed their desire to visit us and see where they invested their funds. New Chance's priority is to invite all donors to visit, so that they can see for themselves how much we are working and how rationally and correctly all funds are distributed - Odalović states.

In Montenegro in 2010, when Nova chansa employed five PWDs, there were only ten in employment, says Odalović. Today, that number has already multiplied, thanks to the work of this organization.

- We were like guinea pigs, so the Law on Professional Rehabilitation was being refined on us, and a committee was formed on the degree of disability. We were pioneers in the employment of PWDs, the formation of laws and regulations, all of that was broken through us - said Odalović.

This NGO, like many that deal with the problems of the PWD population, is marginalized in Montenegrin society, says Odalović, help almost never comes from the addresses of domestic companies, not even ministries, despite the noble work they are dedicated to.

Guest: Vesna Odalović / president of the NGO "Nova šansa u Novom"


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