In Herceg Novi, a day care center for adults and the elderly with disabilities has been opened

Opening of the Day Care Center in the premises of Nove šanse

A day care center for adults and elderly people with disabilities opened today in Herceg Novi, thanks to the cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the NGO "Novа šansа u Novom". There will be room for 15 of our fellow citizens in the adapted area on Topla.

By opening the Day Care Center in Herceg Novi, the quality of life of people with disabilities will be improved and conditions will be created for the integration of users into the community based on equal opportunities, said the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Admir Adrović.

"I would also like to mention that meaningful and effective programs are created for users in the day care centers, which are adapted to their needs." Users are enabled to achieve the maximum feasible development and independence, appropriate care, education, training and support are provided to live as independently as possible and to participate in normal life within their community, work is done to increase and maintain the functional abilities of users and enable them to be independent in daily activities", said Minister Adrović.

He added that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare will strive to create an environment and system of social protection in the coming period, by establishing services that support the potential and independence of persons with disabilities in order to enable them to live a dignified and quality life.

Aware of the need for a service that will be at the service of people with disabilities over the age of 27, as a local self-government that strives to take care of each of its citizens, during the construction of the Day Care Center in Sutorina, the possibility was left to add a special section for this group. users, said the president of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić.

"Until the realization of that project, we have found a temporary solution, which is the Day Care Center, which will be a great help and support to users who no longer had the right to a Day Care Center." By losing the right to use the service, they were also deprived of socialization, work and physical therapy, and communication. That is why the city's obligation was to take care of them and open such a space, adapt it, but also provide stability in the further implementation of the project," said President Katic.

He reminded that in Herceg Novi there are good examples of work with children with disabilities and difficulties in development, such as the Day Center in Sutorina and "Novа šansа u Novom", which has been professionally training and employing people with disabilities for 15 years.

The municipality of Herceg Novi has a very good partner in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, with whom they have so far implemented the projects of the Regional Housing Program, and two days ago a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the organization HELP.

"With the participation of the Ministry, the Municipality and the organization HELP, a facility for social housing will be built in Nemiloj where we will take care of six families - socially vulnerable and refugees and displaced persons who now live in dilapidated shacks in Bajkovina," said President Katic and added that he hoped successful cooperation in the future because the common goal for all is a better and better life of citizens.

Director Vesna Odalović expressed her thanks on behalf of the partner and service provider "Novа šansа u Novom".

"This support service is planned to include 15 users from the territory of Herceg Novi municipality. We have hired one professional worker and four associates, and psychosocial support for users and parents, work-occupational as well as sports-recreational workshops are planned. The DB 27+ work program ensures transportation and a hot meal for the users of this service. I must emphasize that this support service is planned through LAPI for the municipality of Herceg Novi in ​​2021-2023," Odalović said. The opening of the Day Care for Adults and Elderly People with Disabilities was also attended by the Vice President of the Municipality Mirko Mustur, Secretary for Local Self-Government Vesna Samardžić, numerous representatives of local self-government, educational institutions and institutions dealing with social protection.


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