Paper recycling


General objectives:

  1. To contribute to the improvement of the employment of socially exclusive groups - persons with disabilities (PWD), in the area of ​​the Municipality of Herceg Novi by providing them with a continuous and sustainable system of support in education and employment.
  2. Improving cooperation between organizations and institutions that deal with the needs of people with disabilities and the local community.
  3. Partner on the project Municipal Organization of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Herceg Novi, which in cooperation with the NGO New Chance in Novi provides support in the informal education of the PWD through various types of workshops and gatherings. Interested NGO and its members in professional rehabilitation and socialization. The partnership will participate in the information campaign as an example of good practice of NGO cooperation, which affects the promotion of non-discriminatory measures in the employment of PWDs, as well as encouraging cooperation in solving problems at the local level. We will use their knowledge of sign language during the actual meetings and promotions.

Specific objective:

  1. Improvement of already acquired skills and knowledge in the production of recycled paper, souvenirs and objects that have a useful value. People with disabilities in the area of ​​Herceg Novi do not have a continuous support system for employment and self-employment... Unemployment of PWDs whose families are one of the most vulnerable social groups on the labor market. With this project proposal, we can contribute to the formation of the center as a model of support in developing the competencies of target groups in the premises of the NGO "New Chance in Novi" in terms of continuous empowerment of the most vulnerable groups for employment and self-employment. The project applicant has been successfully working on the motivation and employment of PWD for 6 years in a row. We will continue working with already established workshops depending on their needs and possibilities.
  2. Work is being done to improve the working ability of the disabled persons themselves, and thus motivation for independent living. With the workshop of autochthonous souvenirs made of natural materials, which are recognizable by them, and recycled paper, they will additionally contribute to the ecological sustainability of their activities, but also to the rehabilitation and development of fine motor skills of PWDs. Psycho-motivational workshops are aimed at raising the self-confidence of people with disabilities, strengthening competencies in career management, networking with potential employers that ensure sustainability. 

Achieved results:

The achieved cooperation with 4 coffee shops in the area that leave us the daily press proved to be useful in obtaining secondary raw materials. Achieved cooperation with DOO „Čistoća” Herceg Novi.

6 people with disabilities were employed who perfected the work process, so that now they can shape objects almost independently with minimal help from an external collaborator and workshop coordinator. They made an elephant as a decorative pot, an owl, an umbrella, figures of girls, Santa Claus, snow white and New Year decorations.  

 The sales exhibitions continued in the autumn months on the Pet Danica promenade in the space given to us by JP Morsko Dobro. The sale was covered by TV NOVI, Radio Herceg Novi, Radio Jadran, as well as the completion of the RTCG project in the show "Pokreni se", Our Internet and Facebook page  

We were guests on local radio stations on 9 occasions, NOVI TV, Radio Herceg Novi, Radio Jadran, RTCG in the show "Get Started", reporting for daily newspapers and internet portals. Regular reporting on websites and social networks almost daily. Organized sales exhibition in Herceg Novi, on the Pet Danica promenade near the tennis courts. Donation by JP Morsko dobro 10 m² kiosk from July 25 to October 15, 2017. The exhibition of works by the disabled is on permanent display in our gallery. The space that we remodeled within the existing leased space from AD TP PKB Zelenika.


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