Organization name: Non-governmental organization "Nova šansa u Novom" Herceg Novi

Adress: Mića Vavića 1

Phone number: +382 31 321 136

                +382 67 261 703


Bank account: CKB 510-31428-40




Government of the Republic of Montenegro

Tax Administration

Number: 90-01-02126-2

TIN: 02722291

Code: 906

President:         Vesna Odalović

Board of directors:     Vukica Novaković (president)

Dragana Zečević Plavanski (member)

Dušica Grubač (member)

Snežana Gojković (member)

Vesna Matijašević (member)




Objectives of the organization (Article 6)

The goals of the organization are: provision of education and employment for persons with disabilities and developmental disabilities and support for their families.


Activities of the organization (Article 7)

The organization achieves its goals through the following activities:

-organizing meetings with parents of children with disabilities and difficulties in development;

-defining cooperation with school representatives;

-selection and training of teaching assistants, professional workshops for assistants, children, parents and teachers;

-ensuring legal regulations for the operation of the support service;

-identification of the program for the engagement of volunteers in work with children with developmental disabilities and disabilities and persons with disabilities;

-identification and selection of volunteers, organization of training for volunteers;

-preparation of studies on occupational profiles;

-development of occupational standards needed in digital printing;

-making a request for a license for work training;

-monitoring, regular public notification of achieved results and evaluation;

-organization of seminars aimed at strengthening the capacities of NGOs;

-study trips, round tables, forums, educational and informative campaigns;

-cooperation with organizations in the country and abroad;

- participation in international gatherings and seminars;

-non-formal education services;



-formal education;


-developing financial and information-communication solutions in accordance with other activities;

-creation of a database for children with developmental disabilities and disabilities and persons with disabilities in the territory of the municipality of Herceg Novi;

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